Creating a Criteria for Choosing a New Smartphone

Buying a new smartphone is not a simple decision and it should never be treated as such. If you’re not interested in smart phone repair, it can be tempting to just go to the local Apple store and get the latest iPhone. But these are expensive investments, which means you should be getting the device that meets your needs.

It is why creating a criteria is so crucial if you want to get a quality smartphone. And we can talk about that right now.

Ease of Use vs. Customization –

One of the big debates you can have over smartphones is whether it is better to have ease of use or customization. If you were to go with Apple phones, you would be getting ease of use. The ecosystem is very simple to learn and manage. Everything has its function and you will get seamless integration between Macbooks, iPads, iPhones and other Apple tech.

Phone Performance vs. Battery Life –

Another common debate that we see is the battery life vs. phone performance one. It is an understandable debate, as everyone has a different use case.

If you are someone who wants a very powerful phone, but you regularly find yourself around a charger, you will not be so concerned about battery life. Sure, you want a phone that will last you a whole day if you cannot charge it. But if you do need to top up some afternoons, it is not a big deal.

Then you have people who are always on the go. They do not have the time or the means to charge their phone when they leave the house. So they need a phone that will definitely last them all day. And those who use their phones a lot will need better battery too, as more screen on time will drain the battery faster.

Camera –

If you take many pictures with your phone, you will care about the camera quality. You will want a phone that can take gorgeous shots in the day and nighttime, along with excellent 1080p or 4K videos!

Screen Quality –

Another feature that can be important in smartphones is the screen quality. These days, the phones you are getting will have a 1080p display at minimum. Only very budget phones will have a 720p display. Some iPhones do have a 760p display, but their screen quality is such that it looks as good as most Android 1080p displays.

But you will also see phones that have high resolution displays beyond 1080p. While none are fully 4K, you will see some 1440p or 2k displays. If you care about the display quality, you will want to get one of those phones.

Display quality is vital if you are watching a lot of media on your phone. If you watch movies, television shows or many YouTube videos, a 2K screen will look incredible compared to 1080p.

Budget Concerns –

It goes without saying that phones with the most high end features will have a higher price tag. The iPhone X that has a high resolution OLED screen and an incredible camera is $1000. You could get a smartphone for $500 that gives you 90% of those features, but not the remaining 10 percent.

Every use case is different. Every person has a different budget for a smartphone. It is up to you to figure out what features you care about the most. Then decide what smartphone will fulfill your needs in the best way!